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LEDA is an Effective, Practical, Relatable Leadership Development Journey.

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Leadership Learning Platform

Trusted by leaders representing over 50 leading Australian organisations.

Leadership at every level


CEO, COO, CFO or CMO. You’re a high potential headed to the C-Suite.

LEDA helps you develop executive presence so you can influence your organisation.

Change Makers

Learning & Development. Human Resources. Organisational Change and Transformation.

Resilience, Empathy, Growth Mindsets. LEDA lets you measurably and scalably build human capacity across your organisation.

LEDA for Teams

With so much to do it’s hard to get it all done.

LEDA makes team management simpler and more effective so your people’s needs aren’t forgotten.

New Team LEDA’s

Your first 90 days are crucial.

LEDA helps you set the foundations for a high performing team.

World-class Leadership Development backed by world-leading investment funds.


Trusted by Australia’s largest university and developed by world class leadership professors and experts.

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